The search is a so-called "Boolean full text search" for which the following operators are available:




The * (asterisk) serves as a placeholder and can be placed at the beginning and/or end of a word. For words longer than three characters, the wildcard is automatically appended to provide as many search results as possible.


Taube* finds all lots that contain a word beginning with the search term.

*Taube finds all lots which contain a word ending with the search term.

To extend the above examples, *Taube* can be used to additionally find all English forms.


A search with quotation marks will only return search results that contain the searched word or phrase in exactly this form.


"Taube" finds only lots which contain the search term exactly in this form.

Within the quotation marks again the asterisk may be used, such as "Taube*".

The asterisk can also replace whole words within a sequence of words.


A search with quotation marks followed by a ~ (tilde) and a number will only return search results where the words searched for occur between the quotation marks within x words of each other.


"Basler Taube"~2 returns only lots where the two search terms "Basler" and "Taube" occur within two words of each other.


A search with quotation marks followed by a / (forward slash) and a number will only return lots where at least x words of the words between the quotation marks are found, regardless of combination and order. If the matches are additionally sorted by relevance, those matches with the most matching words appear at the top.


"Basler Taube Brief"/2 finds all lots in which at least two of the three words (regardless of combination and order) occur.


Brackets are used to group words into subexpressions. Groups in brackets can be nested.


A search for Basler (Taube Dybli) returns all lots containing either the two words Basler and Taube or Basler and Dybli.


A leading - (minus) indicates that the following word must not appear in the delivered search results.


Basler -Taube returns all lots which contain the word Basler but not the word Taube.